This website contains the reading material for CCHU9005 Food and Values, a common core course at the University of Hong Kong.

Course outline and powerpoint files

Course topics

Each topic page includes a list of required readings and other related learning resources. Please check the course outline for the schedule of lectures.

  • Philosophy – What is the philosophy of food?
  • Values – Three different types of values
  • Meat – Is it wrong to eat animals?
  • Hunger – Do we have a duty to help starving people?
  • Drugs – Why is it wrong to take drugs?
  • GM food – How should food technology be regulated?
  • Capitalism – Food, globalization, and equality
  • Art – Can food be art? What is art?
  • Taste – Is taste entirely subjective?
  • Science – Can science explain conscious taste experiences?
  • Eating – Eat to live, or live to eat?

During the course we might also watch one or two movies. Also, check out the blog for recent news about the topics discussed in this course.

Further resources

Here are some other resources relevant to the course.

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