Is Charity for the Poor Futile?

By Peter Singer

“A group of leading economists recently criticized aid to the poor for failing to address poverty’s root causes. But while we wait for politicians to act – and it could be a long wait – it is important to concentrate our spare resources on effective aid that helps poor people lead the best lives they can.”


Cecilia, first chimpanzee released by Habeas Corpus

“Next week, the first chimpanzee in the world who has been released from captivity in a zoo through a human legal instrument, Habeas Corpus, will arrive at Guarulhos airport, in São Paulo, from Mendoza, Argentina.

Cecília, who is the only survivor of a group of four chimpanzees who lived in the Mendoza Zoo, Argentina, already has a reserved space in the Great Primates Sanctuary of Sorocaba, affiliated to the GAP Project, where she must live the rest of her days, with the company of other 50 chimpanzees.”